Customer Service Excellence Ireland
Customer Service Excellence Ireland is a national recognition programme for those who are aspiring towards excellence in customer service.
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We operate across a range
of sectors.
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We bring out the best
in your company.
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We utilise world renowned
methods of measurement
and training.
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Our certified trainers
will work with you to
bring out your best.
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"You can't manage what
you don't measure."
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Investing in your organization's
growth is vital in today's
competitive business climate.
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We believe that customer
service is more than
just a department.
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We can work with
you to create a
new approach.
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Our staff look forward
to working with you
to create excellence.

About CSEI

Customer Service Excellence Ireland is a National recognition programme for those who are aspiring towards excellence in customer service. Ireland has a clear opportunity to improve our service standards and having a recognition programme in place allows us to catch staff, management and businesses doing a great job. Therefore we will seek out those companies and service providers in the Public, Private and Voluntary sectors who are performing at or aiming for excellence in customer service.



Awarding Customer Service Excellence Ireland to your business is a big deal and so it should be. All successful management teams have Reward and Recognition as a core feature of their process. We want to bring attention to the fact that you are involved in Customer Service Excellence as that sends out a positive statement to your staff and customers.

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