3 Steps to Connecting and Enhancing Customer Service

11 Nov 3 Steps to Connecting and Enhancing Customer Service

Wild Atlantic Way section of our recent Customer Service Workshop

Wild Atlantic Way section of our recent Customer Service Workshop

Fáilte Ireland’s recent report on ‘Enhancing Irish Food Experiences’ refers to the importance of offering an experience to tourists, domestic and international alike. The focus here is on the food industry, but many of their suggestions can be extrapolated and applied to the tourism industry as a whole.

Connecting with other complementary businesses in your geographical area can lead to increased customer base for all involved. There are many ways to implement such connections, in a cost effective way.

Connecting online
With consumers now spending 4x the amount of time on Facebook than Google, social platforms are of increased importance for businesses. By opening up communication between managers of local businesses and organisations in an area, collectively they can work online to promote:
● the local area
● their business
● other local business

This can take the form of simply sharing content online, promoting special offers, congratulating other on awards won etc.
Creating the sense of community between local businesses will build up a favourable reputation among potential customers, and increase awareness of activity in a particular area, leading to more conversions.

Telling the story
Connecting with the customer once they visit your business is a vital part of creating a great experience. This can be done through frontline staff engaging in conversation, telling the story of the business, products and services on offer. Staff should also be encouraged to promote local events, and other businesses in the area.

Simple solutions, such as updating staff on these local events regularly, and having local business phone numbers on site can go a long way to creating a positive experience for customers.

To increase engagement between local businesses to create a draw for tourists, commitment to dedicated campaigns is essential. By working together, events such as festivals, family fun days, product demonstrations and community development can all be put together and promoted. With joint commitment, the organisation of these events can be cost effective, as well as a powerful promotional tool for the businesses, organisations and local area. If implementation is successful, these efforts will lead to strong return on investment for all participants, and deliver excellent customer service as all the business are striving for the same goal – To delight the customer!

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