Excellent customer service leads to customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Customer service adds value to the products and services of any business, this is also true for an agriculture business. It is essential for repeat customers, increased sales and sustained profitability. Regardless of whether you are operating a roadside stand selling potatoes or a farm-machinery business, satisfied customers are going to determine your company’s long-term viability these days.

The lifting of the USA embargo on Irish meat as well as changes to the Milk quota creates opportunities in the Agri-Food sector. The quality of Irish produce is respected globally. It is important to offer not only produce excellence but also customer service excellence right through the supply chain. By providing both, the sector will be much stronger and those who apply it will have a competitive edge.

We have worked extensively with a variety of Irish businesses that provide a stellar product – like the finest and freshest fish caught and canned by Irish Fish Canners or the choicest animals bought and sold via the Aurivo Livestock Marts or the likes of a global player like Monaghan Mushrooms – we have the experience and know how to educate staff and management that there is more to a business than the product alone.  Without a sound customer service strategy, those thriving businesses would not be where they are today.

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