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06 Jan Why bother with Customer Service Measurement?

Customer service measurementThe growth and development of any new implementation in a business will only ever exist in the face of measurement. Without reliable information about the success and failure of various processes, a business cannot hope to improve their output, employment levels, or their profit.

Why then is customer service measurement ignored?

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16 Dec Our TY Training Programme

TY Training ProgrammeCustomer Service Excellence Ireland have created a TY Training Programme! Our 6 hour course is certified and offers students an opportunity to learn the principle elements of Customer Service Excellence.
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11 Dec Our Four Tenets of Customer Service in Business

Customer Service Excellence Ireland is based on four key areas which are: Awareness, Measurement, Training, Recognition. Customer LoyaltyFrom the extensive experience of our team, we know that these areas are crucial to the success of customer service initiatives, and as a result we apply these tenets to our business. They form the pillars of our values as a company, and we carry them with us to all our training sessions.
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09 Dec Measurement of Customer Service is Vital

Last week we had a training workshop with a business in the Leisure Retail sector (or Entertainment if you want a variety of fancy terms!) to facilitate improvement in measurement of customer service. Customer Service Management TrainingIn total we had two groups of 20 management and staff - one in the morning and one in the evening so as to ensure that the business carried on as usual as we worked away at improving the customer experience in what is a very successful business model.
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25 Nov Customer Service Improvement Tips for Hospitality

With competition mounting in the hospitality industry we look at the need to provide excellent service to enhance the customer experience.  As your customers are people who are using their disposable income and free time to do something they want enjoyment from, expectations are high, and competition fierce.
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18 Nov Hospitality Management Customer Service Training

Customer Service Management TrainingFor management to create excellent customer service experience, there needs to a service strategy and customer service process. This must be evaluated on a continuous basis, and should accurately reflect the customer journey.

Management who understand and communicate excellent customer service will enable the whole company to prosper. This process is not a “once off” and requires regularly evaluation and improvement with training to provide excellent service.

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14 Nov Making Customer Service Personal

For a business to give the customer the best possible experience there are different ways to achieve this. According to Dr William J Ward, ‘When it comes to quality of service, consumers are willing to pay up to 99% more for excellent rating versus a good rating depending on the product category.’
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11 Nov 3 Steps to Connecting and Enhancing Customer Service

[caption id="attachment_747" align="alignright" width="300"]Wild Atlantic Way section of our recent Customer Service Workshop Wild Atlantic Way section of our recent Customer Service Workshop[/caption] Fáilte Ireland’s recent report on ‘Enhancing Irish Food Experiences’ refers to the importance of offering an experience to tourists, domestic and international alike. The focus here is on the food industry, but many of their suggestions can be extrapolated and applied to the tourism industry as a whole.
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