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06 Nov Experience is King in Customer Service

In the hospitality sector it is imperative for organisations to realise that their quality product is not enough. Customers want an excellent experience and build loyalty. For customers to repeat business and become committed to your business/brand, they need trust and quality. Trust that you are going to deliver on promises made, and quality experience.

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21 Oct Offering a Customer Experience – The Basics

Whether you are B&B, restaurant or a surfing destination, your organisation is providing a product and service to your customers and all their connections. The Unique Selling Point (or USP) of your business should not only include the location or product; it should be the customer service experience.
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09 Oct Hospitality Frontline Staff : Relating to Customers

Frontline staff are very much at the coal face of the business, and come to be representative of the business to their customers. In the hospitality and tourism trade customer service should focus on the experience of the customer, and what the business can offer. Frontline staff are the people who directly meet your buyer persona, and as such, have the opportunity to really help create loyal customers and inspire influencers.

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07 Oct Getting Digital with the Customer Experience

Getting Customer Service Online

Customers are increasingly using the web to inform and facilitate their travel plans. So it is vital for a business no matter what their size, that there is a strong consistent presence online.

According to Charlie Boyle at CSEI “There will be Facebook Anonymous in a few years with the amount of the time people spend on FB.”

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