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02 Oct Customer Experience Case Study: Foodie Towns Competition

Fáilte Ireland have strongly indicated the direction they believe will enhance Irish tourism in their latest publication ‘Enhancing Irish Food Experiences’. While this document does centre on food tourism, the essential points apply to the wider spectrum of the hospitality sector. They believe that the focus of customer service should be the customer experience - the interaction with not only the individual businesses, but the area, staff, products, suppliers and more.
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22 Sep Can customer service and ecotourism work hand in hand?

Can customer service and ecotourism work hand in hand?

Tourism figures for Ireland are on the rise. Central statistics Office figures show travellers up by 12% in first quarter with overseas visitors spending an estimated € 1.5 billion in the Ireland in the first half of this year. Ecotourism is beginning to play an important role in this according to Shaun Quinn of Fáilte Ireland. He maintains that “the core ethos and principles of the ecotourism sector are also beginning to permeate mainstream tourism businesses in response to increasing demand by tourists and the cost savings that can be made by ‘going green”.
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10 Sep Knowledge is Power – Even in Customer Service

Knowledge is power.

In every single business around the globe, the importance of product knowledge cannot be overemphasized.Work Smart for Improved Customer Service

The more product knowledge your employees have, the better equipped they are to cater to the needs of your customers. Product knowledge is mainly knowledge about features. They are more interested in the benefits of each feature.

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04 Sep 10 tips on customer communication by phone for Irish Financial Sector

Communicating with customers effectively helps in building a positive business relationship for customers. Dealing with customers over the phone is a large part of customer service, and a skill that must be developed over time. Our tips below focus on delivering great customer service over the phone, even when dealing with difficult queries. 1. Be An Active Listener
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02 Sep Customer Service Excellence is the Goal.

To be successful in business today requires a commitment to excellence in customer service. If excellence is the goal anything less than that is not acceptable. Many if not all companies talk about the importance of providing customer service excellence and yet don’t do the required work to achieve it.
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21 Aug What emotions are associated with dealing with the Financial Industry

Emotions are one of the biggest aspects of our life that make us who we are. They drive our personalities, our relationships to one another, even our financial decisions. Those of us in the financial industry may like to think of finance and banking as rational, clear cut, based on facts and figures. But, the truth is, financial decisions are affected by emotions, just like the rest of our lives.

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