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12 Aug Customer Service Excellence Irelands National and International Partners

Customer Service Excellence Irelands National and International Partners

We have a number of bodies that we collaborate with including: 1. Entreprise Ireland 2. SkillsNet - Government Body 3. Irish Institute of Training and Development (IITD) 4. Comparison International CSEI are currently also teaming up with the American Customer Satisfaction Index. This will enable us to analyse how Ireland is competing international and across sectors.
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05 Aug Is there a Customer Service lesson in the past 12 months from Ryanair?

2013 was a challenging year for Ryanair. In September , Which magazine published results of Customer Satisfaction of 100 Brands in the UK with Ryanair scoring lowest with a rating of 54%. This was quite a damning result of a comprehensive survey of over 3000 members of the British public. To be 100th in a rating of Customer Satisfaction is never good for any brand and this report, which was widely circulated, was not good news for Ryanair.
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29 Jul The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard about Customer Loyalty

Customer service is key to achieving high levels of customer loyalty. And customer service, it would seem, should be fairly straight forward. You have an excellent product or service to offer and you want to keep your customers happy throughout the process of delivering this great product or service. Sounds straight forward enough? We at CSEI  have been reviewing advice on customer loyalty from a number of sources. Some of the worst advice we’ve heard include: 
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08 Jul Who is Customer Service Excellence

Watch Our Newest video that gives you a background to what Customer Service Excellence Ireland does. We have four areas of interest and this includes Customer Service Awareness, Measurement and customer service training programs along with excellent customer service recognition. If you would like to find out...

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02 Jul Customer Service Recognition

Are your customer service team doing a great job? Do you want to encourage your customer service employees to even greater achievements and success? Employee recognition is an important part of the culture of any business. By showing your employees that you notice their hard...

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