Why bother with Customer Service Measurement?

06 Jan Why bother with Customer Service Measurement?

Customer service measurementThe growth and development of any new implementation in a business will only ever exist in the face of measurement. Without reliable information about the success and failure of various processes, a business cannot hope to improve their output, employment levels, or their profit.

Why then is customer service measurement ignored?

GrowthBusiness.co.uk described the report from Institute of Customer Service and Manchester Business School, which found that while ‘Two out of five businesses are not measuring the return on investment from customer service’. In many ways, rival businesses may be similar in terms of price points and services, and customer service and care becomes the battleground for customers.

They go on to say that  ‘organisations that have improved business performance through customer service continually gather insight about their customers, measure across their whole customer experience and identify the relationships between their customer service metrics and key business performance measures’. This is where investing in customer service can help ensure that your business comes out on top.

The report demonstrates that not only measuring the ROI of customer service, and its effect in retaining customers is vital for a business to highlight their own performance and the effect on the bottom line.

Measurement can be carried out in several ways, some more fitting than others for particular companies. Of the many methods available, from quantitative (numbers based) and qualitative (language based), it’s important to choose a metric that reflects the individual customer journey. This is the more vital point to creating customer service policies and researching that your customers love – understanding their journey and reflecting that throughout the customer service will authenticate your company’s effort.

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