Connecting Your Business for Customer Service

28 Oct Connecting Your Business for Customer Service

Offering an experience for customers is now the Holy Grail of customer service. This can be done in a number of ways, such as through extensive training of staff, hosting of events etc.Charlie Boyle

But one of the most effective and consistent methods of offering a top quality experience for customers is to connect with other businesses in your area.

Fáilte Ireland’s recent report on ‘Enhancing Irish Food Experiences’ refers to the importance of offering an experience to tourists, domestic and international alike. The focus here is on the food industry, but many of their suggestions can be extrapolated and applied to the tourism industry as a whole.

Connecting with other complementary businesses in your geographical area can lead to increased customer base for all involved. There are many ways to implement such connections, in a cost effective way. Simply exchanging information on special offers, discounts, and added value campaigns between businesses can help, as staff become immediately more informed on their local area.

The tourism industry is uniquely placed, in that businesses can often connect with their suppliers to open up the experience and knowledge available to customers. Consider initiating an experience trail in your area for tourists, where they are welcome to explore each business and interact with front line staff.

Connecting with other businesses allows the area to become the focus, rather than one business in particular. This leaves unlimited potential for promotion and collaboration for local businesses, and room to develop top quality service and experiences for your customers.

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