Customer Experience Case Study: Foodie Towns Competition

02 Oct Customer Experience Case Study: Foodie Towns Competition

Fáilte Ireland have strongly indicated the direction they believe will enhance Irish tourism in their latest publication ‘Enhancing Irish Food Experiences’. While this document does centre on food tourism, the essential points apply to the wider spectrum of the hospitality sector.

They believe that the focus of customer service should be the customer experience – the interaction with not only the individual businesses, but the area, staff, products, suppliers and more.

For the customer experience concept to be a successful initiative, it requires a collaborative effort between several businesses in any one area. It is a serious undertaking with the potential to increase tourism levels and trade for all hospitality sectors.

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Recently, the Restaurant Association of Ireland launched a new competition titled ‘The Foodie Town of Ireland 2014’. The focus of the competition was to demonstrate the integration of restaurants into their communities through education, promotion, collaboration, and future plans for projects – the fundamentals of a positive customer experience. From ten finalists across Ireland, Dingle was finally announced as the Foodie Town of Ireland 2014. The Foodie Towns Competition seeks to encourage areas to showcase their customer experience attributes, and build upon them for the coming years.

Developing a strong customer experience in both your business and area will require a well thought out process, and involve a number of different steps, along with collaboration between businesses in the area. This sharing of local knowledge and expertise, using customer service as a platform, will add value to the visitor experience. This strengthens the customer relationship and leaves them wanting more – and hopefully their friends too.

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