Customer Service Excellence is the Goal.

02 Sep Customer Service Excellence is the Goal.

To be successful in business today requires a commitment to excellence in customer service. If excellence is the goal anything less than that is not acceptable. Many if not all companies talk about the importance of providing customer service excellence and yet don’t do the required work to achieve it.

One of the most effective and least expensive ways to market a business is through the provision of customer service. It is not a question of whether a business wants to provide customer service to its customers…..every business MUST provide customer service.
Excellent customer service is exciting! If every customer is seen as a valuable asset who is very difficult to replace, they are more likely to be valued and cared for. Those who do this well, tell us it is the most fulfilling part of their job, and their life even. Happy customers keep coming back to do business and to renew the relationships that have been established.

This is true in all sectors and all sizes of business. There are examples all around us of where this positive service excellence is evident. Common threads run through all of those who provide excellent service delivery.
If we were to measure customer service excellence in percentage terms, we are looking at a score of 85% and above….consistently. The question therefore is…..are you scoring 85% and above consistently in how you are satisfying your customers?

Good customer service is no longer good enough. Excellent Customer Service is the Goal.
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