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Our New eBook discusses the Hospitality sector and the importance of excellent customer service.

Throughout this ebook we discuss a number of topics covering the customer service experience in the tourism and hospitality sectors. These sectors which include everything from hotels, restaurants, bars, heritage visitor sites, natural attractions and entertainment venues has been growing steadily over the past number of years and has been cited as integral to the economic recovery of Ireland.

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Topics covered are:

  • Why Give A Unique Experience For Customers

“A study from Michaelson & Associates reported that 69% of customers that leave one business for another do so because of real or perceived poor service. The quality of product is a distant second, at 13%” Chuck Denis

  • Training of Top Management

Top level management must drive the need for excellent customer service or it will take longer for frontline staff to give that extra value to its customers.

  • How to offer an experience?

According to Dr William J Ward, ‘When it comes to quality of service, consumers are willing to pay up to 99% more for excellent rating versus a good rating depending on the product category.’