Customer Service Improvement Tips for Hospitality

25 Nov Customer Service Improvement Tips for Hospitality

With competition mounting in the hospitality industry we look at the need to provide excellent service to enhance the customer experience.  As your customers are people who are using their disposable income and free time to do something they want enjoyment from, expectations are high, and competition fierce.

Front Line Staff

Often times, destinations compete with similar markets for tourists – such as Scotland vs West of Ireland. Customer service is a key factor in gaining a significant share of tourists. This is of course not only on an individual business to business level, but on a national level also.

We feel there are three areas for the hospitality industry to focus on to improve customer service levels and profit margins


Potential customers increasingly use the internet to conduct research on their holiday destinations. We recommend making this journey as easy as possible for them. Ensure that all information on your website is current and relevant to your target market. Provide correct contact details and be present online where your customers are. This may mean have an active role on social media.

Get Involved

Connecting with other complementary businesses in your geographical area can lead to increased customer base for all involved. There are many ways to implement such connections, in a cost effective way. Connect online, via social media, or devise campaigns where each business has role. Promoting the area will result in larger exposure overall, and impress potential customers.


Consistent standards of customer service are essential to happy customers, referrals and repeat business. Ensuring that management and frontline staff are trained and competent in your customer service policy and best practices.

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