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02 Jul Customer Service Recognition

Are your customer service team doing a great job? Do you want to encourage your customer service employees to even greater achievements and success? Employee recognition is an important part of the culture of any business. By showing your employees that you notice their hard work, and recognising them when they hit and exceed targets or expectations, you foster a goals led staff and company loyalty.

Customer service recognition, when used effectively, will also help boost employee engagement, motivation and productivity.

It can be difficult to find the right way to recognise the hard work that employees put into customer service, but there are many ways that this can be done effectively and continue to encourage employees.

Setting up the goals and parameters of employee recognition
It’s important in setting up employee recognition that you know what you want to achieve out of any program you set up. Do you want to help talented employees progress in their careers with your company, improve teamwork, give feedback on work done to encourage standard consistency? Each of these has a different solution, and there is no ‘one size fits all’. For example if you want to encourage talented employees to remain with the company, you may consider a mentoring program with some of your senior management acting as mentors, or if you want to encourage teamwork ask your best performing department or group to present ideas to a manager and who will implement the best ideas. Staff are often the greatest source of continuous improvement as they are at the very face of everyday contact with the customer. By involving staff in improvement forums and meetings, we are recognising their contribution.

Recognition across the board
When giving employee recognition, be sure to not overlook any employees, who have had a hand in meeting targets successfully, or solving an issue. A mention at a staff meeting may be all that is needed for a small part in a larger achievement, but it is important to make everyone feel that their work is recognised and appreciated. The balance therefore is to catch out individual performance but also ensuring that the others on the team are likewise acknowledged for their part in any success. Above all- be consistent. If you recognise an individual or a team this month, make sure that the next individual and team who achieve the same excellence are not forgotten next month.

Try implementing these measures in your company to recognise your employee’s hard work and achievements to see improved results.

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