Customer Service Training for Students

We have created multiple courses that work with Transition Year classes,
Post Leaving Cert groups in addition to YouthReach groups.

Customer Service Excellence Ireland have created multiple programmes for students to aid them to be adequately prepared for the real world, using the same training content and techniques we use in corporate environments every day.  After two years of work on a pilot programme with multiple schools across the country we have received brilliant feedback from students, instructors & administrators and have documented great results from the businesses and events the students have worked with.

By bringing the same training to a younger & evolving audience we hope to accelerate the change occurring throughout the world, that change being – a renewed focus on the customer.


These courses can also be tailored to multiple educational services such as Transition Year, YouthReach and PLC courses.


Our course is certified and offers students an opportunity to learn the principle elements of Customer Service Excellence such as;


• How to demonstrate a warm welcome to customers/visitors and respond to their different needs.

• The importance of maintaining a positive attitude and exceeding customer/visitor expectations.

• How to develop and maintain a level of respect for both their colleagues and to their customers.

• How to become more confident and knowledgeable in a customer facing environment.

• The value of tourism, retail, festivals & events to the community and to Ireland itself.


 If the students are on work placement after our workshop, we will supply your TY coordinator with a questionnaire that will be sent to the students’ place of work experience for feedback.  Provided that a student scores to a level of what we would consider ‘above and beyond’, we will recognise their efforts with a certificate from Customer Service Excellence Ireland & endorsed by Enterprise Ireland. This will give your students a clear advantage to those without training once they enter the workforce.


See the attached documents below for further details about our customer service training for students.


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Class from 2013, Donegal

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This group successfully completed our training before going out on work experience