Customer Service Trends for 2015

04 Dec Customer Service Trends for 2015

Customer Service Trends 2015As 2014 draws to a close we examine a number of trends which we see as featuring prominently in the world of customer service in 2015.

The Accenture Global Consumer Pulse Survey revealed that 66% of consumers have switched brands due to poor customer service last year, a 4% increase year on year. This is an astounding figure but what’s even more surprising is that 82% of those surveyed suggested that those brands could have stopped them from switching by offering simple fixes to their issues. Dealing with their issues, complaints and queries during the first point of contact was cited as the main reason for switching.

There has been much talk of innovation and new technologies to complement the customer service offering. Issues such as big data analytics and CRM systems which glean new customer insights have dominated the press. For many small and medium sized enterprises however these systems are out simply out of reach, so let’s cut through the jargon and examine how you can enhance your customer service on a budget.

Be consistent across all channels of communication. When you ask consumers to interact with your brand across a number of channels do ensure consistency when responding. Don’t ask your customers to call you when you ask for feedback online, simply reply via that channel whether it be social media, live chat, email etc. Also the growing adaption of smart phones require that your business must have a mobile presence. When customer cannot access simple things such as product information, company details, click to purchase and so on they will go elsewhere.

Measurement and metrics have become an important indicator of customers repurchasing intention. Forrester Research has indicated that many companies will focus on using two metrics to calculate ROI of Customer Experience. These are the % of customers who plan on repurchasing and the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Whilst these are useful indicators we believe that they alone do not give a full picture of the level of customer service in your organisation. Invite feedback from a number of sources to gain a better overall picture.

The power of reviews will continue to form an important part in the customer buying process. When deciding to buy from you, customers will check out what others are saying about your business. When you provide excellent customer service, fans of your service or product will reflect this on review websites and forums.

Ultimately the customer service experience is about feeling, a basic human emotion that we sometimes take for granted. Trends come and go but well served customers remain. When you delight, surprise and serve your customers they are more likely to remain your customers and spread their delight, surprise and news of your service to others.


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