Emotions Relationship with the Financial Industry

31 Jul Emotions Relationship with the Financial Industry

Most people would like to think that their financial decisions are based on rational deliberations – cost versus benefit, need versus desire – but economist are increasingly mindful that consumers are ruled as much by their hearts and emotions as by their minds.

Customers have different requirements depending on the service they want, i.e. Loan, Refinancing, Savings and Opening an account. These services still require person-to-person interaction. This is why banks and Credit Union employees need to have customer service training on a regular basis, enabling the employees to self-regulate & enhance relationships with customers, thus developing a strong perception of the financial sector.

The world respected speaker and author on customer service, Shep Hyken makes an important observation ; “The greatest technology in the world hasn’t replaced the ultimate relationship building tool between a customer and a business….the human touch”.

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