Experience is King in Customer Service

06 Nov Experience is King in Customer Service

In the hospitality sector it is imperative for organisations to realise that their quality product is not enough. Customers want an excellent experience and build loyalty. For customers to repeat business and become committed to your business/brand, they need trust and quality. Trust that you are going to deliver on promises made, and quality experience.

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How to build the excellent experience through customer service, is the key to generating new customers, boosting your brand reputation, and creating loyal repeat customers.

In a recent article in Forbes magazine, the importance of the customer experience was highlighted as being more important than the speed of service. It’s important to remember that the goal is not to rush the customer, but rather ensure efficiency in transactions, and warmth in the welcome.

To do this, take yourself along your customer’s journey – for the hospitality sector, Failte Ireland have created key target markets for businesses along the Wild Atlantic Way – the Culturally Curious and the Great Escapers. Use these to visualise potential buyers and ensure that your service meets their needs. As a small example, is your website accessible in any other language? Making the customer’s journey as easy and seamless as possible, while providing a quality product or service is the answer to a successful business.

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