Getting Digital with the Customer Experience

07 Oct Getting Digital with the Customer Experience

Getting Customer Service Online

Customers are increasingly using the web to inform and facilitate their travel plans. So it is vital for a business no matter what their size, that there is a strong consistent presence online.

According to Charlie Boyle at CSEI “There will be Facebook Anonymous in a few years with the amount of the time people spend on FB.”

Your business needs to be in the Digital Sphere now.  In 2013 consumers spent 43 hours a month online according to the latest report from the Internet Advertising Bureau and PwC. That is the equivalent to spending 1 in 12 waking minutes online, which is 2 days a month, but this shouldn’t surprise you, if you monitor your own behaviour online. Observe your competitors online, and consider ways to implement online customer service.

The methods of enhancing their experience digitally can be done through the following steps:

On Location: The inclusion of free wifi in your business is now becoming mandatory as people find it difficult to remain offline for extended periods of time.

Website: This should give the visitor an expectation of what their amenities will be, whether they are friendly, informative or provide advice for the location and activities. The website should also have the capabilities for the visitor to communicate with the business, by making a reservation or asking questions about the products.icult to disconnect from the internet for long periods of time.

Facebook/Twitter: In Europe users subscribed to Facebook in 2012 was 232,835,740 – according to InternetWorld Stats. This implies that each business should be present as their customers and their connections use Facebook to tell their family and friends about their experiences with photos and comments. If your business is not present on this platform it is missing a huge opportunity for promotion.

According to Twitter there are 271 million monthly active users. By not having any presence there, your business is missing the chance to interact with customers before they get to your business, while they are there and after they have left.

The lasting period of a tweet is on average about 15 minutes, so this form of communication is quick and short for all users. A business should be reviewing its social media on a weekly if not daily basis as to reply to your customers within 24 – 48 hours of interacting with the organisation.

Google: The use of Google+ can be beneficial for your business for Search Engine Optimisation, along with locating your business on maps. There is now the capability to have a virtual tour of your business premises, which will help your business rank higher for your selected keywords. It will also give the customer the option to view the premises before arriving which enables the business to set a high quality service perception.

Tripadvisor /Yelp /Reviews:  This is another form of word of mouth, it just happens to be online. According to Dr William J Ward “57% of shoppers trust customer reviews as a research source”. This demonstrates the power of reviews as satisfied customers can be encouraged to leave recommendations on review websites. If there are negative reviews your business should be communicating with the customer to try and solve their problem or to let them know that they are valued.

 The customer experience starts online and should continue through the entire customer journey to give customers whole experience.

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