Hospitality Frontline Staff : Relating to Customers

09 Oct Hospitality Frontline Staff : Relating to Customers

Frontline staff are very much at the coal face of the business, and come to be representative of the business to their customers. In the hospitality and tourism trade customer service should focus on the experience of the customer, and what the business can offer. Frontline staff are the people who directly meet your buyer persona, and as such, have the opportunity to really help create loyal customers and inspire influencers.

Front Line StaffHubspot, the global leading inbound marketing agency define buyer personas as:

‘A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.’

To really relate to buyer personas (and therefore, customers), both frontline staff and management need to understand their journey from first discovering the business, to deciding to visit, their experience at the business, and after their visit.

  • Consider how potential customers and tourists find your business online and make this process as easy as possible for them

  • Know their pain points and challenges while they are on holiday/vacation – such as finding a trendy spot to go clubbing, entertaining children, locating cultural/heritage sites. Know this information and be ready to supply it.

  • Create opportunities for them to connect with your business online after they visit – this allows them to leave feedback, and become promoters of your business to a wider audience.

Throughout this process, customer service should be at the forefront – keep in mind that all steps should seek to enhance the customer experience to create loyal customers and open up a wider audience.

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