Hospitality Industry Training for Bars, Hotels & Restaurants in Ireland

Hospitality Industry Training for Bars, Hotels & Restaurants in Ireland


Customer service is so important in the hospitality industry in Ireland. We will create a training package for your bar, hotel or restaurant regardless of the size.


For management to create excellent customer service experience, there needs to a service strategy and customer service process. This must be evaluated on a continuous basis, and should accurately reflect the customer journey.


Our approach uses measurement, training & recognition as the tools for your business to excel in this competitive market.  Let’s put the best foot forward and truly ‘WOW’ your customers.

Whether you are a B&B, restaurant or a pub, your organisation is providing a product and service to your customers and all their connections. The Unique Selling Point (or USP) of your business should not only include the location or product; it should be the customer service experience.


We have the years of experience in this field to give you the competitive edge that you need.  Investing in your staff through practical training has a clear return on investment decreasing employee turnover and increasing customer retention.


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