Investing in Customer Service

09 May Investing in Customer Service

For individual companies, investment in customer service creates a loyal customer base, and is a key tool in attracting new customers.

Investment in customer training is essential to creating happy customers. Your employees are your best assets – why not ensure that they can offer the best quality service to your customers? Nationally, if all companies invest in customer service, no matter their industry, Ireland will become a customer service leader internationally. This will lead to economic growth across the board for Ireland.

Investing in customer Service

If we create the right Customer Service Excellence programmes within our businesses and covering all sectors Ireland will become a leader in customer service. From software exports, hospitality, conferences, tourism, agri-food exports, manufacturing, engineering, retail and including state and semi-state bodies – customer service is a key part of the experience for customers. According to Zengage, 40% of people began purchasing from a competitive brand because of its reputation for great customer service, while 82% stopped doing business with a company due to bad customer service.

Investing in customer services to ensure that we become leaders in each of our respected fields of business is a must. When you invest in your employees and the service process you will see that your business has the opportunity to measure the service associated with your brand.


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