Why we need an Irish Index of Customer Satisfaction!

20 May Why we need an Irish Index of Customer Satisfaction!

We must create an Irish Index of Customer Satisfaction! I can’t tell you and you can’t tell me what the top sector in Ireland is in terms of Customer Satisfaction. Is it Airlines, Car Sales, Banking, Retail, Hotels, Utilities etc. The reason we don’t know is because in Ireland we don’t currently have an Index of Customer Satisfaction.

Our major trading partners, the USA and the UK do have such an index. The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) is the global leader of collating and reporting Customer Satisfaction and their model of over 20 years is now used in over 10 countries including the UK.
How this would work in Ireland is that the leading organisations in the ten leading sectors would be measured via customer feedback. This information, gathered in crisp and clear customer response is then processed through well developed and insightful software. The headline is a percentage score of satisfaction bench-marked against national and global comparisons. The greater detail however is behind the numbers and a report complete with suggestions is created for each client company allowing for immediate response and continuous improvement.  How good is that??
Both the US and UK Indexes are well established and the Client base is growing significantly as more organisations seek to get the all important lead in customer satisfaction. The index in both countries is an independent quarterly report which is sought after by the media as the results are announced. Such is the relationship between increased Customer Satisfaction scores and Sales growth that the US model is now used as a prediction tool for many organisations.
Ireland stands at a crossroads in terms of our Customer Service Standards. We have enjoyed for decades, a reputation based on the nature of our people. From the global growth of the Irish Pub as a brand to our International credibility as a place to set up a Technology-based Headquarters, we are seen as a good race of folk who provide great service. The challenge however comes in the increased awareness through globalisation, of the importance of great customer service. We can no longer simply bask in the reputation which we enjoyed but instead we must use that reputation to stay ahead of the other countries who now are using resources and focus to make sure they too gain a strong reputation. Before 2012 – London was not seen as a friendly, warm, welcoming City yet post-Olympics and having cracked it during those unforgettable games- London’s reputation is riding high due to great work achieved in the whole focus on the visitor. Now the Tourist product in London is matched by a warmth and welcome absent in the past.
Creating a Customer Satisfaction Index in Ireland – a “must have” measurement, is crucial in ensuring that we do not get left behind in this race for the top for the hearts and minds of those we need to impress- our World-wide customers.

Charlie Boyle
Customer Service Excellence Ireland

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