Knowledge is Power – Even in Customer Service

10 Sep Knowledge is Power – Even in Customer Service

Knowledge is power.

In every single business around the globe, the importance of product knowledge cannot be overemphasized.Work Smart for Improved Customer Service

The more product knowledge your employees have, the better equipped they are to cater to the needs of your customers. Product knowledge is mainly knowledge about features. They are more interested in the benefits of each feature.

The concept of customer service is intended to create a positive customer experience and to enhance the relationship between a business and its customers. While friendliness and a helpful attitude are incredibly important in customer service, product knowledge is key to your customers. By arming your employees with all the information of a product, you are boosting your confidence when you present your product/services

For an example of the importance of product knowledge, take a look at the pub industry of Ireland. The drinks industry, and more specifically, the beer industry had been fairly static up until the growth of ‘craft beers’ in the early noughties. Some establishments were quick to jump on the bandwagon but ultimately stopped buying craft products because they simply were not selling. But those businesses that were passionate about their beers, those that educated their staff about the intricacies of each new beer were able to sell more and were quick to reap the rewards of higher turnover. Successful salespeople know all of their products’ features and skilfully turn these features into benefits for their customers.

Develop Confidence

Staff who are well versed on a product can present a product and answer any question related to it with confidence.  This cannot be underestimated because someone who is armed with the knowledge of what they are selling can make or break the sale.  Becoming educated in the product and its uses will help cement that confidence. You clearly have an idea what you have to present in front of your customer and how best you can position the product/service to meet all the requirements of the customer.

Create A Passionate Salesforce

When staff are enthusiastic about the products they sell it with ease. The easiest way to become enthusiastic is to truly believe in the product. Seeing someone completely enthusiastic about a product is one of the best selling tools. Customers respond to enthusiastic sales staff who are passionate about their products and eager to share the benefits with them.

Build Stronger Communication

The better understanding of the products on the shelves can allow a company to utilize different ways and methods of getting a product to a customer.  The more staff know, the better they are at selling it.

Create The Ability To Map Challenges

Having an elaborated product knowledge will help you handle the objections from customers in a better way.You will be able to explain in a better way and will also be able to present those features which customer is looking for, making your presentation more customer centric. On the contrary if you do not have proper product knowledge, even if your product has a particular feature which a customer is looking for, you might not be able to explain or present that feature resulting in the loss of sale. That information is rooted in good product knowledge.  If you do not have proper product knowledge, even if your product has a particular feature which customer is looking for, you might not be able to explain or present that feature resulting in the loss of sale.

Allow For Continuous Training and Product Experience

The best way to have the product knowledge is by using it. It is always recommended to use your product and understand its features before you start selling it. It will give you the fair idea about the product’s benefits and its shortcomings. Moreover if you are able to experience the products and services of the competitor, you will be able to explain how your product is different and hopefully better.

Just presenting the brochure or reading a label to the customer does not help, you need to have the proper understanding of the product because written words and spoken words are very different. You can also have a better product knowledge and understanding by meeting existing customers and asking for their feedback. Try to make it clear that you want brutal honesty, since there will almost always be ways in which your products are both good and bad and the more you know about both aspects, the better.

The sales people should not only depend on company’s training for product knowledge instead they should always keep themselves updated with the new and added features in their product/service. This would help in gaining a competitive edge and at the same time help in  making more sales.


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