Making Customer Service Personal

14 Nov Making Customer Service Personal

For a business to give the customer the best possible experience there are different ways to achieve this. According to Dr William J Ward, ‘When it comes to quality of service, consumers are willing to pay up to 99% more for excellent rating versus a good rating depending on the product category.’

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Creating the perfect personalised customer service is the best way to offer value for money and to allow your company to stand out from the crowd. This involves a number of steps, some more complicated than others, but all very worthwhile.

Feed the Feedback Loop
Feedback from customers is invaluable. This is where you find out what customers think of your business on a ground level. Don’t be afraid to invite complaints – they are opportunities for improvement. This can be done very easily by simply asking ‘Is there anything else we could have done for you?’ at the end of their experience or transaction. Take a note of suggestions, and for repeat customers, let them know how you implemented their suggestions.

This has the advantage of engaging customers in positive conversation, gaining valuable feedback, and demonstrating your commitment to not only customer service, but also their personal experience.

Use your Measuring Stick
Utilising a measurement tool for your customer service will provide you with independent data on performance. Measurement can be carried out in a number of ways via comment cards, short surveys, mystery shoppers, etc. It’s important to remember that measurement should be consistent and ongoing to provide useful insights to team performance and customer satisfaction.

Get Personal
Having a company policy on customer service is one of the best methods to ensure service consistency and personalisation across the board. Your policy should include:

  • Greeting each customer
  • Efforts to remember regular customers name and preference
  • Involvement on local campaigns and advertising of such
  • Regular staff briefings on events, special offers, local developments

You can get more guidelines on customer service in the hospitality sector in our free ebook.

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