Measure customer experiences Or Fail!!

15 May Measure customer experiences Or Fail!!

Sit back and think about the aspects of your business that are measured on a quarterly, monthly, or even a yearly basis. Expenditure? Check. Profit? Check. Employee performance? Check. Customer Experiences? Customer Service? This should also check.

Currently, Ireland has no index of customer satisfaction and this is in stark contrast to countries like the UK and the US, which each have quarterly updates. In Ireland, we have no instrument at present which tracks customer satisfaction across all the sectors. This is a priority for us at Customer Service Excellence Ireland for 2014. We know that customer service is a vital aspect of each individual’s experience with any product or service, and measuring this can give valuable insights into how to improve profits and retain customers.

Measuring the impact of customer service on the bottom line is not easy, and surprisingly few companies understand the link between service excellence and financial performance. To have an understanding of how customer service affects the return on investment is crucial.

“In general, quality and value are viewed as most important in winning new customers, with only 15% of companies saying customer service quality is their primary means of competing. This may be due to companies thinking of quality and value as separate from service, rather than including these attributes as part of the overall customer experience.” BDO International 

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