Offering a Customer Experience – The Basics

21 Oct Offering a Customer Experience – The Basics

Whether you are B&B, restaurant or a surfing destination, your organisation is providing a product and service to your customers and all their connections. The Unique Selling Point (or USP) of your business should not only include the location or product; it should be the customer service experience.

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For a business to give the customer the best possible experience there are different ways to achieve this. According to Dr William J Ward, ‘When it comes to quality of service, consumers are willing to pay up to 99% more for excellent rating versus a good rating depending on the product category.

How to Offer an Excellent Customer Experience

A customer that is paying for your service or product, will expect a certain amount of technology capabilities such as: Email, Website, Wifi Access, Social Media Platforms and Review Websites. Each business should have some if not all of these elements. With the use of technology in everyday life, these are necessities not luxuries. The businesses online presence should be monitored on a daily if not a weekly basis, to check what customers have being saying. This should be done along with interacting with them, answering questions, updating events and also promoting other local activities.

Management Training
For management to create excellent customer service experience, a service strategy and customer service process are required. This must be evaluated on a continuous basis. Management should undergo similar training and customer service improvement techniques to front line staff. This ensures consistency of customer service throughout each business unit and also achieves “buy in” from all employees.

Frontline Staff Training
A business can create extra value for a customer through excellent service. Human interactions can vary as there are so many factors that affect every situation. Employees need training to ensure that they know how to connect with the customer through their service. It is vital for employees to understand their product and service, so that they feel capable in their job. This involves training staff on the “in house” product or service such as technology, information relating to the product/service and the processes involved in service delivery and customer feedback. In addition to this training could include knowledge of other services within the locality. This will give the client an extra level of value as they are getting local knowledge about utilities and past experiences.

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