Our Four Tenets of Customer Service in Business

11 Dec Our Four Tenets of Customer Service in Business

Customer Service Excellence Ireland is based on four key areas which are: Awareness, Measurement, Training, Recognition.

Customer LoyaltyFrom the extensive experience of our team, we know that these areas are crucial to the success of customer service initiatives, and as a result we apply these tenets to our business. They form the pillars of our values as a company, and we carry them with us to all our training sessions.

Each term, as it applies to our company, is defined below.

Awareness – We all have an obligation to create an awareness of the need for Customer Service Excellence and to pass around the importance of it.

Measurement – The measurement of your customer service standards is something we do prior to training. It is also a great help to the company in accepting that change is required and where.

Training – We employ a team of highly qualified and passionate trainers. Each works within their area of expertise, and training is about total involvement of management and staff. We use games and role plays, as well as challenging group exercises which all aim to ensure that the outcome is one which is designed to be “owned” by participants.

Recognition – We want to catch great businesses creating great service standards. This allows the business to show their customers that they are serious about them and their customer service standards. We also want to measure, train and empower staff and management, and then ensure that they are recognised individually.

These tenets inspire an interest and high standards of customer service for B2B and B2C companies and form the basis of any session we hold with a client.

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