Why is customer service so important in retail?
Bottom line is – because unhappy customers will not buy from you.


We offer two programmes –  Retail Excellence & Visual Merchandising that can help you step up your game.


We are all consumers of products and services and we want to be served by people who are professional and ready to do business, and who can offer advice and guidance on their goods

Selling is an art mastered with practice and sincerity, the shop floor is a creative platform – a stage on which sales personnel must strive to be the best they can be and reveal their true star quality.  Are you ready to perform and serve to be the best of your ability? Do you have all the skills and knowledge required? Is your ‘stage’ set for action?

In our practical workshop and through our workbooks, we will look at how top sales professionals work to five-start standards and consonantly aim  to achieve their personal best. We will do this by exploring the concept of SHINE : to serve, host, inspire, nurture and engage.  We will reflect on practice, engage with new ideas and work with you to achieve excellence.

This retail programme can be tailored to your specific organisational needs and delivered to both small and large groups.  It can also be used as part-induction to coach new employees.

training manual retail ireland

Our retail excellence training program.

Visual Merchandising

Competition is fierce and customers expect to be impressed and intrigued on a regular basis. Retailers in the small to medium category must now push product promotions on a regular basis. Dreaming up schemes for the home-ware range through to fashion will keep customer interest alive and encourage more to return.
We have seen increased sales of up to 40% by smart and inexpensive visual merchandising. Our three hour training workshop creates a strong positive level of awareness and additional skills.
We have created the workbook ‘Showcase’ (Pic below) which guides the delegates not only through the training workshop but also back to their stores and businesses and into action in creating their year long programme of themes.
Our tailor made guides focus on themes, display,layout, product, signage, props, lighting, and ambience and are designed to be used by attendees to absorb the learning and improvement on the days, weeks and months following the training.