The Future of Service: Offering Customer Experience

14 Oct The Future of Service: Offering Customer Experience

Traditionally customer service focused on customer facing aspects of the business – front line staff training etc. Increasingly customer service in the hospitality sector, the focus of customer service has expanded beyond the product and business as an individual entity.

Customer service is rapidly changing pace to become more customer focused, in depth and collaborative. Essentially, the customer experience should be at the centre of the journey with any hospitality business.Customer Eperience

The customer experience broadens the focus of the hospitality trade to include the product, staff, promotion and interaction with the customer.

Initiatives such as the Wild Atlantic Way have created huge potential in Ireland to enhance and develop thorough customer experiences. While the Wild Atlantic Way focuses on the villages and towns along the route, this does not detract from the individual companies along the way. Via the promotion of the area, the individual businesses along the way, whether they are B&Bs, restaurants, adventure activity companies etc can all benefit.

Perceived added value is an essential component of the customer experience. Think about what you can offer customers without incurring costs for your business. This can be a new approach to customer service, where staff are trained on the amenities of the local area, and speak about this to customers – anything that will enhance the customer experience.

Offering a quality experience, based on your target market is the basis to building up a base of loyal customers and your reputation.

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