The Process

Here we explain the process of how to achieve excellent customer service –
utilising the four pillar of Awareness, Measurement, Training & Recognition.


Awareness is creating the debate as to where we are as a country right down to our individual businesses. We have an obligation to create an awareness of the need for Customer Service Excellence and to pass around the importance of it.


“You can’t manage what you don’t measure”. The measurement of your customer service standards is something we do prior to training. By evaluating the standards, we are able to see where, if any, the gaps are in the service delivery. It is also a great help to the company in accepting that change is required and where.


We employ a team of highly qualified and passionate trainers. Each works within their area of expertise and training is about total involvement of management and staff and not some sort of lecture. There are games and role plays as well as challenging group exercises which all aim to ensure that the training outcome is one which is designed to be “owned” by those who will deliver it. Our training techniques include fresh and interactive concepts including those used at the successful London Olympic games where over 50,000 staff were trained


Recognising Customer Service Excellence in Ireland is the end game for us. We want to catch great businesses creating great service standards. This will allow the business to show their customers that they are serious about them and their customer service standards. We also want to measure, train and empower staff and management…..and then ensure that they are recognised individually. Recognition is key to the entire programme.