The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard about Customer Loyalty

29 Jul The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard about Customer Loyalty

Customer service is key to achieving high levels of customer loyalty. And customer service, it would seem, should be fairly straight forward. You have an excellent product or service to offer and you want to keep your customers happy throughout the process of delivering this great product or service. Sounds straight forward enough?

We at CSEI  have been reviewing advice on customer loyalty from a number of sources.
Some of the worst advice we’ve heard include: 

1. Use Social media comments and online reviews to understand the level of customer satisfaction in your business

Whilst this can be a useful tool in understanding sentiment towards your business it means you are merely reacting to poor customer service after the fact.
Put yourself in yours customer’s shoes. Walk around your business like your customers would. Constantly monitor the steps and processes involved in your product/service offering to ensure the highest standards of delivery.
Don’t wait for complaints and negative feedback. Be proactive in your approach to improving the customer experience.

Customer Loyalty

2. Customer service improvements are a one-off activity

Many companies are happy to review their customer service processes once a year. They put together reports and recommendations and unfortunately that’s as far as it goes.
Ongoing measurement of customer service and continuous improvement programmes are essential to achieving and maintaining excellence in customer service delivery. Take an honest look at your approach to customer service improvements.

3. All customer complaints and enquiries should be passed up the chain to the relevant manager or supervisor

How many times have you complained or questioned the level of service you received only to be told “I need to ask my supervisor/manager”. Companies often leave customers frustrated by waiting on the end of a phone or in a queue.
Why is it that companies fail so often in these service delivery encounters? They fail to trust their employees to deal with situations when they arise. Seth Godin suggests that companies should give a small bursary to employees to deal with customer service complaints on the spot. They are your face of the business, they have experience dealing with customers on a daily basis. So why can’t you trust them to deal effectively with service recovery.

Customer Service Excellence Ireland believe that customer loyalty can be achieved by
• Awareness – taking an honest look at customer service levels in your business
• Measurement – self and independent measurement of customer service standards
• Training – implementing a continuous improvement training programme
• Recognition – recognising employees who consistently perform to the highest standards to foster a customer centric approach as well as getting the team or business recognised in their delivery of customer service excellence.

For more information on how you can take your first step to improving customer loyalty contact us.

“Good service is good business”

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