Top – Down Approach to Hospitality Customer Service

30 Oct Top – Down Approach to Hospitality Customer Service

For top level management is it vital for there to be an understanding of what is the expected level of service. For management to create excellent customer service experience, there needs to a service strategy and customer service process. This must be evaluated on a continuous basis.hospitality customer service

According to Harvard Business School Professor John P. Kotter in Leading Change, “successful organisational change must start with a renewed sense of urgency”. Service strategy design must be aware of the voice of the customer and the business to better design innovative customer services that deliver business benefits. BRM Review

Management should undergo similar training and customer service improvement techniques as front line staff. This ensures consistency of customer service throughout each business unit and also achieves “buy in” from all employees.

Management who understanding and communicate excellent customer service will enable the whole company to prosper. This process is not a “once off” and requires regularly evaluation and improvement with training to provide excellent service.

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