Unearth Your Customer Service Complaint Gold

26 Jun Unearth Your Customer Service Complaint Gold

“Complaints are Gold if and when handled correctly”

Here is an alarming statistic which also represents a huge opportunity – 74% of customers in Ireland DO NOT complaint, they simply walk away. Not only to they walk away but they talk negatively to others about the experience which they were unhappy about and they take their business elsewhere.

That means that when customers are unhappy – only one in four will bring it to the attention of the company, while the other three simply disappear.

Are you looking for ways to improve your product or service? Does your company need feedback on aspects of your business? Your customer service team are more than a great asset in dealing with customer problems and issues. They also have the key to your product and service development.

Your customer service team, having direct contact with your customers, are in a unique position to harness great feedback on your company, and to generate suggestions for your company development. By coordinating your customer service team to track, record and categorise customer complaints, you can build up a wealth of knowledge on your product or service performance, and find ways to develop and improve.

Customer Service Complaint made happy

Change your attitude toward complaints
Complaints are gold – but only if you treat them like that! The great example of the Premier Inn Hotel group (the famous Lenny Henry TV Ads) whereby the staff constantly remind guests to bring to their attention anything which they are unhappy about, has created the fastest growing hotel chain in Europe. Enterprise Car Hire in Ireland have recently started using this question at the end of the hire period- “Is there anything we could have done which would have been better for you”. How good is that as a question? By allowing customers a channel in which a complaint and compliment is accepted graciously and at the same level, the business can learn much from those who count the most. Work hard and along with staff to change the culture of dealing with complaints. Let’s start seeing complaints as an opportunity and not as a negative.

Record, track, categorise – Create a simple yet effective Customer Service Complaint policy
Once your customer service team, and your whole company have a positive attitude toward receiving complaints, you can start to use them. Set up a system whereby your team can record each complaint, track complaint resolutions and response times, and categorise complaints by their nature. This will enable your company to address larger issues as they arise, resolve smaller issues quickly and set up a standard response for common customer issues. It can also point to areas where staff need training, where your product or service needs development, or areas where customers would like to see new products or services from your company.

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