Who We Are

Mission Statement

Customer Service Excellence Ireland (CSEI) is a continuous improvement programme aimed at improving a business or organisations customer service standards over time. By improving customer service standards to the level of excellence, the business or organisation will increase satisfaction, then loyalty. It is in the ability to create loyal customers that retention, sales growth and profit increase occurs.

Company History

The CSEI programme has been both in demand and successful in its short time since being launched in 2013. As of spring of 2015, over 45 businesses currently use the programme with over 1200 staff and management having attended our workshops. The Training workshops are interactive and practical. Those who attend are involved in all aspects of the measurement and training solutions as part of the overall training concept. CSEI see themselves as facilitating the training as opposed to knowledge providers. We have learned that participants who feel part of the training solution will have higher levels of ownership and buy-in. We believe totally that the Awareness-Measurement-Training-Recognition cycle is required to sustain the outcome results.

Meet The Team

We are Customer Service Excellence Ireland

Charlie Boyle has worked on Customer Service improvement programmes with the Marriott Hotel Group, Chelsea FC and London Olympics in 2012 before establishing and growing the concept in Ireland.

Charlie Boyle

CEO & Managing Director

Our associate trainers work with us across the country to deliver our workshops.

Our Associate Trainers

Specialists in a Variety of Fields