World Class Training for Drivers and Frontline Transport Staff

28 Feb World Class Training for Drivers and Frontline Transport Staff

2013 is an important year in Ireland with a focus on welcoming many millions of visitors for the Gathering, Derry-City of Culture, the G-8 summit and many other events. Ireland must step up and be ready to ensure that the opportunity to create and maintain a reputation of excellence is achieved.

The Transport industry plays an important part in this.

Bus Drivers, Couriers and Transport staff are often the ambassadors for the hundreds of thousands who use their service. Customer Service Excellence Ireland together with The GATHERING and Enterprise Ireland have created a licensed World Class Training programme which was used by Transport companies involved with the successful London Olympics and Paralympic games 2012.

Your staff will learn;

  • Why their role as an ambassador is so important, and how powerful their connection can be with visitors to Ireland and the regions.
  • How to demonstrate a warm welcome to customers and visitors and respond to their different needs on and off the bus.
  • The value of Tourism to Ireland both monetary and in reputation.
  • The importance of maintaining a positive attitude and exceeding customer/visitor expectations as they travel the island on either short or long trips.
  • Information about a specific events and how to maintain a quality level of answers
  • How to represent the all-important Transport Operators with quality, integrity and friendliness.
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