'Customer experience is the river between the customer's expectation, and the performance that a business delivers'

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Customer Experience Excellence Ireland's Professional Service is Designed to Improve your Business' Profitability by Enhancing Customer Experience

Customer Experience Excellence Ireland is a national recognition programme for those who are aspiring towards excellence in customer service. So, in the current era of the 'Experience Economy', the idea is that the value of the experience in dealing with a business goes way beyond products. We believe that customer service and customer experience (CX) in Ireland, can and should be better. Hence, we focus on challenging the status quo and raising the Customer Experience bar. For instance, our recognition programme allows us to catch staff, management and businesses doing a great job. In addition, we work closely with the Education Training Board of Ireland (ETB) and other notable bodies to bring you the best training and development services on the market.

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Our Services

Training & Development

We believe in creating an environment where everyone can thrive. However, training is not the complete fix for any solution-based project but it is certainly an important element of it. Hence, we provide training and development designed to improve your team's human skills which can separate you from your competitors.

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You can't manage what you don't measure and that is why we ensure honest and accurate measurement is carried out. This ensures that customer experience (CX) excellence is achieved after our service has been provided.

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Recognition is the third pillar of Customer Service Excellence, We now know, due to overwhelming research, that staff turnover as well as staff retention and employee engagement is all related to recognition.

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Sales Training

In 2020, we partnered with the Educational Training Board of Ireland (ETB) in creating the first ever apprenticeship in Professional Sales. Training can help improve your businesses internal environment, this in turn reflects outwards, directly affecting how your customers experience your brand.

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Customer Experience Excellence Ireland's Clients

Here is a small selection of some companies that have availed of our services.

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We believe our training services are some of the best available. However, we prefer to let our clients do the talking.

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Since the global economy is to be reset, this is a good time to reimagine company and organisational culture. We regularly state that ‘culture’ is a key if not the most important factor in business success, yet most businesses are still playing out in other areas without visiting the culture within. Company culture can now...

What is the Experience Economy? Firstly, in the ‘Experience Economy’, the idea is that the value of the experience in dealing with a business goes way beyond their products and indeed pricing and into the total experience. As society reopens, experiences will not only continue to play a vital part in business, it will be...

Yesterday, I delivered the Sales Psychology module in the National Sales Apprenticeship. Hearing young students reflect on times when practising resilience benefited their personal development was uplifting. Resilience is something sales students must understand as it is something they will require in the competitive economy.  It is here where there are more refusals than acceptances....

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Customer service is more than just a department, we consider it to be an ethos – a serious game changer. So let’s work together to measure, train & award you.

Address: GTEIC, Derrybeg, Co. Donegal, Ireland

Phone: +353 (0)85 7616749

E-mail: charlie@cseireland.ie

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