Why we do what we do

First off, we in CXEI do what we do, because we are incredibly passionate about people. How they think, how they feel, and how they perceive. What shapes their desires, their needs, and their ambitions. We believe that it is people that constitute the critical factor, that both moulds and determines the nature of the modern economy. Be that in the area of sales, service, or business environment.

A by-product of the modern human condition has resulted in the development of what is termed the ‘Experience Economy’. The Experience Economy is a product of need. It reflects a universal desire for immersion within an experiential engagement that meets the needs of the individual; of emotional fulfilment. This may be in retail, in the service industry (Freud may argue that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but in the Experience Economy, a trip to a coffeeshop can never be just about a cup of coffee!), or simply the inter-staff relationships within a business environment. The workplace is an environment where, the manner in which it is experienced by workers, how it addresses their needs, how that experience is given form, are major factors in the development of workplace culture.

The quality of the Customer Experience (CX) offered by businesses, represents the contemporary culminating point in the battle for the hearts and minds of the modern customer. The pathway to excellence in Customer Experience is a transformative process, premised on the development of individuals to their fullest potential. The CXEI approach is based on the central guiding principle that the external Customer Experience is merely a replication of the internal Customer Experience. When a business, company, organisation, educational or training institution achieves a level of excellence around the area of internal Customer Experience, external Customer Experience becomes a congruent outcome.

So, just to summarise

CXEI is committed to helping businesses achieve their ambition of achieving a standard of excellence in Customer Experience, through the route of developing the people that constitute their business. AND the reason we do this is because we care. We care about the development of people. Of developing an organic environment where people can thrive. Where people can reach their fullest potential.