‘The deepest craving of human nature is craving to be appreciated’ – William James

We now know from its overwhelming research that staff turnover as well as staff retention and employee engagement is all related to recognition or lack thereof. We at CXEI have an important message to carry on this. Simple recognition in the workplace is both free and highly effective. We have developed high impact informal recognition skills and practices which can be easily implemented in your organisation. In order for people to thrive, recognition is as important than salary, in fact millennials are 3 times more motivated by recognition than salary (Forbes 2019). We embed recognition in the programmes of training and development. We encourage you to ‘catch people in’ and move away from ‘catching people out’.

In the more formal recognition, we are also involved in European and World Recognition Awards. Charlie Boyle CEO of CXEI is the current Irish Judge on the European and World series Customer Experience Awards and from that connection, we encourage businesses who are at a global level to consider entry if only to see the quality involved.

So from the simple yet impactful in-house and informal recognition to the International possibilities, we can ensure that recognition of your people is achieved.