‘The deepest craving of human nature is craving to be appreciated’ – William James

In addition to William James’ statement above, we now know from extensive research that staff turnover, staff retention and employee engagement, are all related to recognition (or lack thereof). Thankfully, simple recognition in the workplace is both free and highly effective. That is why we have developed highly-impactful and informal recognition practices. These practices can be easily applied within your organisation.

Interestingly, recognition is as important as salary. Millennials are 3 times more motivated by recognition than salary (Forbes, 2019). Hence we have embedded recognition into our development and training programmes. Ultimately, this allows us to create the space for people to thrive.

In addition, we very much understand the importance of staff recognition. For example, our CEO, Charlie Boyle, is the Irish Judge at the European and World Series Customer Experience Awards. Also known as the Customer Centricity Awards. People that go the extra mile are recognised and awarded at these events. This is then is seen, understood and replicated by those in attendance. Therefore, we encourage businesses to consider entry to see the quality involved.

To conclude, we adapt our training methods to suit your people and your goals. Once that is done we can ensure that correct your people achieve recognition.

We encourage you to start “catching people in” and avoid “catching people out”.

Are you doing enough to recognise your staff? If you want to learn how you can start correctly recognising your people, contact us today.

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