Read about what our clients have said about their experience working with us. Our customer service training program is designed to improve your customer’s experience through our four pillars of training.

CXEI is committed to leading the research, continuing the development and applying these findings of Customer Experience Excellence globally. We are passionately committed to innovation, to bringing together the discrete strands of ground-breaking and international thinking, to our creative melting pot in Donegal, where we develop the bespoke solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

This is what our clients have said about their experiences working with us.

Lisa Corkery of O’Flynn Medical, Cork


“We had wanted to take part in a Customer Service Programme to enhance our Customer Service with CXEI. We found something much deeper than we expected and engaged in their services in the summer of last year.  The process itself was very informative, focused and very much directed towards our company.

After that, we had our customers surveyed externally, which was very informative. It really gave us a clear picture of what our customers need, want and expect from us. We have always sent out our own surveys but found using CXEI’s survey gave us a much more honest representation.

We recently won a national tender with a large group of hospitals in Dublin. This is a multi-million euro contract. As a result, we would place much of this success on the work we have carried out via the CXEI programme.”

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victoria square logo

Michelle Greeves DipSCM, Centre Manager of Victoria Square Shopping Centre, Belfast, Northern Ireland.


“As a business that puts our customers at the heart of everything we do, we have found the CXEI training and subsequent follow-up sessions invaluable.

At Victoria Square, we have a diverse range of departments and job roles. CXEI was relevant and thought-provoking to all. In turn, delivering more accurate and improved mystery shop results and a renewed enthusiasm for customer service within the team.

Really impressive and happy to be involved.”

David Coleman, Customer Service Senior Officer at Tipperary County Council, Ireland.


“CXEI recently provided a 90-minute presentation regarding the importance of Customer Service in that it is essential that all staff are aware of the role it plays in the successful delivery of services to the public.

The audience was the Senior Management Group of Tipperary County Council. Charlie’s presentation was highly engaging, citing examples from the world of business globally and feedback from the group was enthusiastic, prompting a good series of questions to Charlie.

Overall, it was a very impressive presentation. CXEI bring unique and varied content that is highly relevant to us. It has increased customer focus with benefits to all involved.”

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Frenchgate, CXEI Testimonial

Paddy Mellon, General Manager at Frenchgate Shopping Centre,
Doncaster, England.


“Frenchgate Shopping Centre welcomes over 17 million visitors a year and the customer experience is at the heart of what we do, it’s part of our DNA.
The LSH and CXEI partnership has allowed us to safely observe and delve into the service that we offer.

Charlie’s dynamic, vibrant and practical style engaged the whole of the team.
The Customer Service Training Program was relevant and demonstrated great examples of where we are to date and has provided us with a new and enhanced perspective. The training has made a significant difference to the team and ultimately to the service that we all offer.

It has increased customer focus with benefits to all involved.”

Ted Coyle, COO of St Anthony’s and Claddagh Credit Union, Galway, Ireland.


“We have worked with CXEI for over 4 years now. Initially, we only requested a short one-day training programme and then realised the depth and range of the CXEI offer.

Now, four years later and with a lot of profound internal changes assisted by the measurement, training and recognition elements provided by CXEI. Our loan book has increased 45% over that period.

As a result, we have now recommended the programme to six other Credit Unions in a collaboration project.”

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