We believe in creating an environment where everyone thrives. Training is not the complete fix for any solution-based project but it is certainly an important element of it. The Training and Development which we provide comes from deep within your team, not from our team. We are excellent facilitators and have the innovation of concepts, but the training needs and outcomes must be yours. It can only work like that.

We are adaptive and responsive in our design of your training needs and that means we do it alongside you but not for you. The training methods both delivered live and virtually, are engaging, authentic and insightful. We don’t sell a training package, we deliver a programme for your needs and aspirations.

That is why we need to at the very least to talk to you first and then perhaps have a closer look at the current issues or your ambitions to create a better Customer Experience (CX) in your organisation.

We can provide short session certified workshops or a longer and accredited programme over time. Either way, we will be delighted to accept your enquiry and to help you and your people thrive.

Charlie Boyle, CEO of CXEI, Speech at ETB Conference.