What We Do

CXE Ireland is committed to leading the research, continuing development and application of Customer Experience Excellence on a global scale. We are passionately committed to innovation and bringing together discrete strands of ground-breaking and international thinking to our creative melting pot in Donegal. It is here that we develop bespoke solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

We don’t just set the CX standard; our mission is to empower you to develop the tools that you need to reach that standard of excellence. CXEI is a value-driven enterprise, driven by a belief in our ability to bring about workplace and organisational transformation, from the inside out.

We believe that neither organisations nor businesses are mere constructs of bricks and mortar. They are human collectives, each organisation and business with their own particular personality. One could argue that ‘so goes the individual, so goes the organisation’.

We believe that when we bring about a transformation of the internal components of the business or organisation – it’s workers and members - designed to improve the internal customer experience of the business or organisation. This transformation is reflected in the external customer experience. As a result, this will inevitably leading to increased levels of worker and member satisfaction, productivity, sales, resulting in sustained growth and profit.

It’s the Culture, Stupid.

Since the global economy is to be reset, this is a good time to reimagine company and organisational culture. We regularly state that ‘culture’ is a key if not the most important factor in business success, yet most businesses are still playing out in other areas without visiting the culture within. Company culture can now…

The Experience Economy

What is the Experience Economy? Firstly, in the ‘Experience Economy’, the idea is that the value of the experience in dealing with a business goes way beyond their products and indeed pricing and into the total experience. As society reopens, experiences will not only continue to play a vital part in business, it will be…

National Sales Apprenticeship: Practicing Resilience

Yesterday, I delivered the Sales Psychology module in the National Sales Apprenticeship. Hearing young students reflect on times when practising resilience benefited their personal development was uplifting. Resilience is something sales students must understand as it is something they will require in the competitive economy.  It is here where there are more refusals than acceptances….